Enjoy fishing with our traditional fishing boat

On our fishing tours you are going to learn participate or watch the traditional techniques of greek fishing . Local captain Anthi and her experienced fishermen will share with you all secrets of fishing in Santorini.
Our traditional fishing boat departs from vlychada harbour and sails across the coast line of Red White and Black beach. You are going to do two stops in the middle of the sea, the first to catch small shrimp and why not some octapus too. Then next stop is for the fishing nets for a big variety of rockfish ( famous local species). Last stop is at Black beach known as Mesa Pigadia bay.

The tours can be done privatelly or semi private.

The tours start morning 9 am or evening 2.30 pm.

The tour includes transfers from your villa plus food and drinks on board.

Let us know which day you want us to book this tour for you